Our vision

Ledgys is a blockchain infrastructure builder. There is a great gap between current blockchain revolutionary promises and the existing business needs. Ledgys is working at filling this gap.

LSN is about data marketplaces

LSN (Ledgys Smart Networks) is building your custom data marketplace on top of the secured and auditable blockchain infrastructure

Whatever is your organization doing, when opening itself to other companies and thinking "collaborative competition", which is in the root design of the blockchain infrastructure, you will need to exchange (sell) data and information. In this collaboration, it is required that data access can be controlled, secured, audited and searchable. That's the power of Ledgys Smart Networks, on top of existing blockchains.

LSN is an open appstore for business applications

Any business or entrepreneur can add a business application

Ledgys is organizing a global crowdsale to fund the growth of leading business marketplaces on the blockchain. Any application launched by Ledgys will have a community with allocated LSS (Ledgys token, Ledgys Smart Services). Any new application holder will later be able to raise LSS in order to manage its new marketplace.

LSN is an open distributed financial model

Any investor in an initial app fundraising will get a share of the future sales

Ledgys has developed an innovative profit sharing technology where any investor backing an initial app LSS fundraising will get rewarded through a share of the future appstore transactions. Based on the Proof of stake approach, our algorithm rewards the initial application backers with a percentage of all accumulated transactions through the current month, with a random date payment.


Thousands of possibilities (and counting) emerged from the unifying model of a blockchain-structured secured marketplace.

Our first and proof of concept app, Dipl.ME, is already being sold and will be managed by the crowdsale investors community. The reamaining apps will be launched using the proceeds of Ledgys LSS Crowdsale. Be sure to participate in our coming crowdsale to get a share of the transactions those marketplace will generate.


Dipl.Me authenticates diplomas through LSN

Our first use case, Dipl.Me is a marketplace between certification and diplomas providers and recruiters.


Ledgys Smart Networks was created by using up to now unrelated open source technologies in a single service

The infrastructure

On top of the Ethereum Blockchain, Ledgys Smart Networks distributes column-based data shards into separate datanodes and encrypt the seller data.

DataNodes receive an incentive fee based on the global volume of all marketplaces transactions. The smart contract deal with datanodes incentivation; depending on its location the datanode may receive different fee in order to optimize the network quality of service worldwide.

The software services

Ledgys smart networks make it easy for marketplace application builders to:

1. Ensure the security of their transactions through a robust key distribution scheme based on Ethereum Patricia Tree datastructures.

2. Enable computation on encrypted data and making sure the data buyer can only access to the result of those computations, not on the original data.

3. Store encrypted data on incentivized nodes with the ability for the node to perform aggregation on encrypted data. The proof of storage, a merkle root of a specific timestamped data cluster, is stored in the global marketplace smart contract for proof of storage.

4. Deliver the data to the buyer with a simple to use API.

5. Allow search features on the datanodes.

LSN release plan

Ledgys Smart Networks architecture is modular and crafted to be released in 4 fully functional major releases, each one adding features enabling new apps for new business cases.




Christophe Hénot

CFO & Marketplace modeler

Along with running Ledgys company backoffice, Christophe is designing the economics of new emerging models


Quentin de Beauchesne

Managing Director & Blockchain Guru

Along with improving the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem with LSN, Quentin is managing the decentralized community of LSN and apps contributors


Clément Bergé-Lefranc

Influencer & Lead disrupter

Clément is designing business partnerships to disrupt industries with the right players


Gautier Marin-Dagannaud

Blockchain Developer


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