Jul 06, 2020

Driver Guide To Police Radar

driver guide to police radar

Driver's Guide to Police Radar Paperback – November 19, 2007 by Craig Peterson (Author)

Driver's Guide To Police Radar - Everything You Need to ...

Get yourself a radar detector that works (a Valentine or high-end Escort or the stealth BEL Driver STi) and read this book. Then behave yourself - if you do happen to "slip" and get a ticket, there are also tips for how to know whether or not the enforcement officer followed procedure, and what AND what NOT to do and say...


These are just some of the questions answered in Driver’s Guide To Police Radar by Craig Peterson. Craig is a nationally-known expert on speed-measuring technology. His inside information on how radar is used and misused may give you enough information for an acquittal. (183 pages) Author: Craig Peterson


In keeping with the Mission Statement of the Speed Trap Hunter forum, I would like to inform my fellow Speed Trap Hunters of a newly published book which has just become available to the general public in its first printing, Driver's Guide to Police Radar (Everything You Need to Know About Speed Enforcement), written by Craig Peterson and available to the public on his website and at Buy Radar Detectors.

A Must Read: Driver's Guide to Police Radar

The second mode of police radar operation is called RF-hold, more commonly known as instant-on police radar. This method of police radar operation began to appear in the early 1980’s as radar detector usage grew in popularity and it’s designed to specifically defeat drivers who operate radar detectors.

How to Question the Accuracy of Police Speed Radar: 15 Steps

Being stopped by police is a stressful experience that can go bad quickly. Here we describe what the law requires and also offer strategies for handling police encounters. We want to be clear: The burden of de-escalation does not fall on private citizens — it falls on police officers. However, you cannot assume officers will behave in a way that protects your safety or that they will respect ...

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Let’s see if it’s illegal to have a radar detector in different circumstances. While radar detectors are usually legal in the US and as a driver you are allowed to have a radar detector in your car, except for commercial drivers and military bases, radar jammers are illegal because of the federal law.

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In a perfect world, the ultimate radar/lidar detector would sniff out only police radar or lidar, pinpoint its location, and then concisely communicate that information back to you.

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Radar guns are useful tools for detecting vehicles exceeding the speed limit, but, like all measurement devices, they have their weaknesses. If you have been pulled over for speeding based on the information from a radar gun, it’s possible to challenge the radar gun evidence in court based on the limitations inherent to radar guns. Any ...


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Radar is something that is in use all around us, although it is normally invisible. Air traffic control uses radar to track planes both on the ground and in the air, and also to guide planes in for smooth landings. Police use radar to detect the speed of passing motorists.

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They keep drivers on their best behaviour and make roads safer. That means they should only be a burden for bad drivers. An LSE study showed that from 1992 to 2016, speed cameras reduced accidents by between 17% to 39%. They reduced fatalities by between 58% to 68%. And the effects were seen within 500 metres of the cameras. How do speed ...

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Radar speed signs, also known as driver feedback signs, are traffic calming devices designed to slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed. They are being used across the country, and around the world, because they are effective at slowing speeding drivers down.

Policies, Procedures and Legislation - NSW Police Public Site

A quality radar detector is great, but when other drivers are working with you, it’s even better. That’s what the ESCORT MAX360 - Laser Radar Detector offers you. Not only do you get fast alerts and protection from false reports, but this radar detector uses crowdsourcing technology to keep drivers aware.

Chapter 46.61 RCW: RULES OF THE ROAD - Washington

Speeding tickets can take a serious bite out of your fun fund. Not only do they ding you for a hefty chunk of change, they stick you with traffic school or even worse hassles, like court dates and fighting the law. If you can’t drive 55, AutoAnything has the right radar detector that won’t subtract points from […]

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Applied Concepts, manufacturer of the Stalker brand of police radar, lidar, radar trailers, sports radar and speed sensors.

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The Winnipeg Police Services proved Tuesday morning the most effective way to make our roads safer is by taking bad drivers off of them, not more photo radar.In a photo Facebook post, they bragged ...

Motorists using speed camera radar detectors face hefty ...

A driver speeding by 49 km/h will pay $718, including the $588 set fine, a victim surcharge and court costs. Drivers caught more 50 km/h or more over the limit will have to appear before a justice ...

Police Foundations And Their Corporate Donors Give Cops ...

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Police search for dangerous driver

CHICO, Calif. - The search is on for the person or people responsible for firing shots towards bicyclists and drivers near a busy part of Chico. Several 911 calls came in around 7:40 p.m. Tuesday, reporting that a dark-colored vehicle shot at another vehicle near West 16th Street and Park Avenue.

Police expect to arrest driver who hit speeds of 133 mph

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At around 5:30 pm., police responded to reports of a reckless driver on Highway 62. According to the Prairie Grove Police Department, radar indicated the vehicle was traveling at 112 miles per hour.

KC police chase crash leaves 1 injured on SB I-435 past ...

The Athens Police Department says it has arrested a man suspected in vehicle thefts from Huntsville and Madison County. A 2005 Infiniti FX35 reported stolen from Huntsville was located on Tuesday ...

Driver Guide To Police Radar

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Driver Guide To Police Radar